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The mission of IEMS LONDON LTD, an educational consultancy, is to help students from both the United Kingdom and other countries gain access to higher education opportunities in other countries. The personnel or counsellors of IEMS LONDON LTD include...

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Admission and Correspondences, Student Assistance with Guidance and Counseling, Admission with Universities, Highly Trusted Colleges, Publicly Funded Colleges, as well as Many Other Colleges.

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For Student

Before they may begin their higher education in the UK, students are required to submit an application for entry clearance. In most cases, the entry clearance should be valid for the entirety of the time that you are enrolled in the course, plus a few additional months.

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For Colleges/Universities

Insight into the market and a push toward student recruitment, Promotional advertising, Promotional Activities: Posters, Billboards, Local Exhibitions, and Participation in Education Fairs The Tour Will Stop At Local Universities And Colleges

Free consultation

We are an educational consultancy

Devoted to helping both domestic and international students access educational opportunities in other countries. Counselors and staff at IEMS LONDON LTD collaborate with education agencies all over the world to help students find the best possible educational fit. From the time a student first contacts IEMS LONDON LTD until they have completed the enrollment, pre-departure, and post-arrival processes, the services of a trained counsellor are available to them at no cost.

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